Royal programmes dominate 2023 festive viewing

The King's speech was the top viewed show on Christmas Day

Royal programmes were popular over the Christmas period, dominating viewing figures.

The King’s annual Christmas Speech pulled in an average viewing of 5.9 million people for the 10 minute programme. This was down by 2.2 million people from 2022, which saw an impressive 8.1 million tune in for Charles’ first speech as Monarch.

The King pictured during his 2023 Christmas Broadcast. (Royal Family)

2023’s Christmas speech included themes of the importance of ‘universal values shared between major religions, at a time of ‘increasingly tragic conflict around the world’, protecting the environment and helping others within communities.

Second on the list was the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, followed by Doctor Who.

Boxing Day 2023 saw the release of ‘Charles III: The Coronation Year’ on BBC1, which gave viewers and royal watchers ‘a unique insight into the life of King Charles III and Queen Camilla and take viewers behind the scenes of the first year of the reign of King Charles’.

Charles and Camilla behind the scenes during their Coronation. (Royal Family)

The special documentary was watched by 3.7 million viewers, keen to see the behind the scenes moments the trailer had promised.

Following King Charles III and Queen Camilla through landmark moments of the first year of their reign, it highlighted how they embraced their new roles and carry out their work and duties. There was also interviews with The Princess Royal and Camilla’s sister, Annabel Elliot.

On Christmas Eve, Together at Christmas, Catherine’s carol concert, drew in an audience of 2.9 million.

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