The coronation weekend – our highlights

Take a look at our favourite moments from the weekend marking King Charles III's coronation

The coronation weekend was one filled with momentous joy and celebration, and of course was full of pomp and ceremony to the maximum.

We saw processions, music, a historic ritual and some incredible moments from Prince Louis. So, we’ve chosen some of our favourite moments from throughout the weekend….

The King’s Procession was one of the early highlights of the weekend, where we saw The King and Queen ride in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach to Westminster Abbey.

The Diamond Jubilee State Coach as seen in The King’s Procession. (MOD)

God Save the King – the moment millions saw King Charles crowned with St Edward’s Crown.

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The moment Camilla was crowned as Queen with Queen Mary’s Crown, which had been changed slightly with some unique additions in tribute to her late mother-in-law, Elizabeth II.

Camilla is crowned (Justin Welby)

Prince George had a starring role in the Coronation as one of The King’s Pages of Honour.

Prince George during the Coronation.

We often see the front of Buckingham Palace and the royals standing on the balcony. However, this image shows what The King and Queen saw standing on the balcony – and doesn’t it look magnificent!

The King and Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. (Royal Family)

Prince Louis strikes again! The young Prince captivated royal watchers with his cheeky facial expressions.

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The Princess of Wales certainly brought the sparkle to the Coronation with a floral headpiece, in the shape of a tiara.

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The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh got stuck into some Coronation Chicken pie at a Coronation party in Cranleigh.

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A special Coronation Concert was held at Windsor Castle, featuring top talent from around the world.

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The Prince of Wales tried some home-brewed drinks during an appearance at the coronation party on the Long Walk, Windsor Castle.

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A sweet moment between the Princess and young girl who got overwhelmed about the royal presence during the coronation party at Windsor.

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The Princess Royal rode on horseback during the Coronation procession as Gold-Stick-In-Waiting, where she followed The King and Queen who were in the Gold State Coach.

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The Prince of Wales made a heartfelt speech to his ‘Pa’ during the Coronation Concert, where he praised his father’s service.

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A show-stopping performance to end the Coronation Concert – Take That performed for the first time in four years during the concert at Windsor Castle.

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Prince Louis carried out his first royal engagement as part of the Big Help Out, where he joined his parents and siblings at Upton Scouts Hut in Slough.

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The future of the Monarchy is in safe hands – one of the official state portraits released by Buckingham Palace shows The King and Queen alongside working members of the Royal Family.

Working members of the Royal Family with Their Majesties. (Buckingham Palace)

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