Winners of Rupert Frere photography competition announced!

Following our photography competition with army photographer Rupert Frere, he has taken a look at all the images and picked some winners!

Four of the entries were chosen as being the ‘best of the bunch’, with one overall winner. Here they are.

Royal photo:

Marlene Koenig sent this photo to us of Crown Princess Victoria hugging her daughter, Estelle.

Crown Princess victoria hugging her daughter Princess estelle was rupert frere’s favourite royal photo; taken by Marlene Koenig

“The Shot of Crown Princess Victoria hugging her daughter in Borgholm shows a lovely moment captured in time, photos like this remind us that Royals are also normal human beings,” Rupert said of the image, choosing it as his favourite royal photo from the submissions.

Military photos:

Rupert chose this photo from Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph earlier this month. Cai Scivyer was the photographer of this image.

veterans at the cenotaph for remembrance sunday; Cai Scivyer managed to balance the light well on a grey day, rupert said.

“The lovely shot of the veterans at the cenotaph, the photographer has done well to balance the light, I know it was tough on that day,” he commented. “They have done well to show the feeling of happiness of seeing old friends and the sombreness of remembering those that aren’t there.”

Another image he liked depicts children at the Australian war memorial in Canberra by Michael Doherty: “The Landscape of the memorial wall has lovely leading lines, the colours stand out and the rays of light work well, the kids and endless names give the image some emotion.”

children at the canberra war memorial by michael doherty caught our judge’s eye

Overall winner:

“My favourite photo is the rotund Policeman sat on the curb,” Rupert explained. “I would have taken it wider to capture more of the faces and had a straight horizon but I appreciate its a grab shot and it makes me smile, yet I’m intrigued.”

This image was captured by Darren White, at the start of the Raqqa offensive in 2017, part of the Syrian civil war.

Darren White’s photo of this man resting at the beginning of the raqqa offensive in syria was rupert’s favourite photo and won our competition

Congratulations to Darren, who wins a copy of Julian Calder’s Trooping the Colour book and a certificate from The Crown Chronicles and Rupert Frere!

The other entrants will also receive a certificate of recognion.

What do you think of these entries? Which is your favourite? 

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