Our top 10 blogs of 2020 – most read

While our top news stories of 2020 haven’t been that surprising, there were a few in our top blogs of the year!

Everyone loves the sparkles, it seems, three of the top 10 focusing on jewellery, with biographies of interesting historic figures thrown in for good measure.

1) Queen Mary’s fringe tiara is a piece still worn by The Queen today. We took a look at its (sparkly) history.

The Queen’s Jewellery: Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara

2) In a pretty joyless year, the engagement rings of the royal ladies made it just a little bit better with all those close ups. Whose is your favourite?

British royal weddings through the ages – from George VI to the Cambridges

3) Princess Louise was a daughter of Queen Victoria’s and also something of a rebel. Read about her extraordinary life.

Colourful characters: Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll – Artist, Feminist, Rebel, Royal

4) We spoke to Royalty Now (Rebecca) an America digital designer, who has made historic figures modern. Her extensive work can be seen on her instagram channel.

Historic figures reimagined for today – from Elizabeth I, to Pocahontas & Prince Albert

5) Mustique is an island like no other, and is a favoured holiday destination of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and once of Princess Margaret. See the gorgeous villas and landscapes the island offers – those who can afford it!

Mustique – the royal holiday playground

6) Back in March, it was announced that Princess Beatrice would marry fiance Edo in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace, a location no stranger to a royal wedding. We took a look at its interior and history.

The Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace – Princess Beatrice and Edo’s wedding venue

7) 2020 marked 28 years since The Princess of Wales cooperated with Andrew Morton on her ‘True Story’ book. How did the book come to pass and what did it tell us – or not?

Royal Rewind: Diana, Princess of Wales and ‘Her True Story’

8) Queen Mary was an avid collector, expanding the vaults of the palace significantly. Take a look at her tastes and the impact she had on the Royal Collection.

Magpie Mary – the art lover and collector Queen

9) Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician, whose work helped to crack the German Enigma code in the Second World War; he saved thousands of lives and helped to shorten the war. Secretly gay, his treatment by the government because of his sexuality led to his tragic demise.

Alan Turing – the tragic life of the genius who cracked ENIGMA

10) One of the most interesting pieces in The Queen’s collection is the Vladimir tiara, with Russian connections and changeable pendants. Simply stunning!

The Queen’s Jewellery: the Vladimir tiara

Did you miss anything from the list? Let us know your favourite of these articles!

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