King and Queen visit Dunfermline – first engagement since end of royal mourning

Charles formally created the historic town a city

The King and The Queen carried out their first joint engagement today, since royal mourning for the late Queen Elizabeth II ended on 26th September. 

The late Queen passed away on 8th September.

The royal couple visited Dunfermline, where they formally marked the town becoming a city. Their Majesties were welcomed to the new city in Fife by local community groups, including a local pipe band and schoolchildren.

Large crowds had gathered to welcome the Royals, who appeared pleased to see the new King and Queen.

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Charles was also greeted by Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon alongside Scottish Secretary Alister Jack at the City Chambers.

In a speech at an official council meeting, King Charles noted how he and Camilla were ‘immensely proud’ to mark Dunfermline’s city status in such a ‘historic moment’.

Earlier this year, eight communities, including Dunfermline were given the status of becoming a city to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which ‘delighted’ The King.

King Charles and Queen Camilla at Dunfermline city chambers to official create Dunfermline city (Royal Family)

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‘There could be no more fitting way to mark my beloved mother’s extraordinary life of service than by granting this honour to a place made famous by its own long and distinguished history, and by the indispensable role it has played in the life of our country’.

The King noted how the occasion was to also commemorate the life of the late Queen, ‘whose deep love for Scotland was one of the foundations of her life’, a similar statement was echoed in The Queen’s Consort’s tribute to her late mother-in-law. Scotland was a focal point for events following the Queen’s death, as she died at Balmoral.

King Charles III discussed Dunfermline’s history which has been ‘immense significance to Scotland’s – and to this whole island’s – story’.

‘It is the birthplace of philanthropists. It is the burial place of Kings and Queens. It has been the scene of events, both secular and sacred, which have shaped our times.  Its stones tell the story of the people and the events which have made our country what it is today’.

Charles said he hoped that future generations ‘will feel a real sense of pride at this latest chapter’ in its ‘rich history’ and will ‘also brighten the prospect of our future’.

He concluded his speech by knowing the events of  today would ‘gladden my dear mother’s heart, as it certainly gladdens mine’.  

‘As you celebrate your well-deserved status as Scotland’s new City, I can only offer my warmest congratulations, and my heartfelt wishes for the years to come’.

After the ceremony took place, Their Majesties took a short walk to the city’s Abbey, where they helped it mark its 950th anniversary. They were joined by Historic Scotland, who told them about the ongoing conservation of the site.

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The Abbey is a landmark of royal power as Margaret of Wessex, who married King Malcolm III in 1057, became the country’s first female saint. It is at the Abbey where previous Kings and Queens, including Robert the Bruce, are buried.

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The late Queen Elizabeth II visited the Abbey to marks its 900th anniversary in 1972.

The final engagement of the day saw The King and Queen Consort host a reception to celebrate British South Asian communities at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, recognising the contributions made to the UK’s NHS, arts, media, education, business and the Armed Forces.

The Queen Consort hosted a reception at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. (Royal Family)

The couple met between 200 and 300 guests of British Indian, Pakistani, Bangladesh, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Bhutanese and Maldivian heritage from across the UK.

King Charles III has been involved with British Asian communities for many years through his work with the British Asian Trust, which he founded in 2007, to tackle widespread poverty, inequality and injustice and support disadvantaged communities in South Asia.

Their Majesties welcomed guests of South Asian heritage from across the UK. (Royal Family).

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