Prince William in Blackadder sketch plus #ClapForOurCarers appearances from Cambridge children

This evening, The Duke of Cambridge took part in Blackadder sketch with Stephen Fry. Later his family – The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – alongside The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall participated in another #ClapForOurCarers alongside millions across the UK.

Prince William is seen Zoom calling Stephen Fry’s character, Lord Melchett, who is a descendant of General Melchett, who fought alongside Blackadder in the original WWII series.

Fry – as Melchett – is overheard at the beginning of the clip saying he thought ‘Germans were meant to be punctual’, at which the Duke clears his throat to announce his presence. Melchett is attempting to countdown until the 8pm start for the clapping and cheering to begin.

Prince William video calls Lord Melchett and is the butt of a number of jokes

William is the butt of a number of jokes, including that video calling was ‘complicated stuff’; he also called isolation ‘hell without Eastenders’ but explained that he ‘tend[s] to avoid programmes about Royalty’ when discussing TV recommendations (Tiger King was suggested by Melchett).

The sketch was to show appreciation for frontline workers as part of the #TheBigNightIn, helping to entertain and raise money for charity by getting everyone sat down in front of the TV as part of social distancing.

Melchett offers his services to help with teaching the Cambridge children at home; the family are currently at Anmer Hall in Norfolk.. Again, William is made fun of, saying he needed help teaching spelling, as well as French (although he can speak a decent amount of the language!).

History was another suggestion, although Melchett says, “I suppose that’s one of your strong points” – especially Kings and Queens.

Anmer Hall, the country home of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I-images

The Duke of Cambridge replies with a laugh: “You’d think so wouldn’t you?”

After the 60 second warning, William says he will ‘go and get the family together’, but that first he must ‘see if I can find my socks…. and my shoes.”

Looking down he adds: “And my trousers!”

We then see Fry/Melchett head to his front door, and an aged wooden door appears, and begins to open.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family take part in a clap for our carers as part of the Big Night In

Out steps Prince George and Princess Charlotte, followed by The Duchess of Cambridge carrying Prince Louis at her hip. The Duke closes the door behind them, and the family begin their applause.

At the end of the clip, Prince Charles and Camilla appear, clapping on their own doorstep at Birkhall.

More than £27m was donated during the three-hour event, with the government promising to double the total. Money is going to a joint effort for Comic Relief and Children in Need.

Other stars that participated include Catherine Tate, Dawn French and Peter Kay.

Prince Charles and Camilla make a surprise appearance clapping for our carers


You can watch the full video below – let us know what you thought of it!

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