Party helped Queen get over her ‘grisly’ Christmas illness

The Queen spoke of how an upcoming party helped her get through the extended illness she faced over Christmas, which prevented her from attending the Christmas Day service at Sandringham.

The Queen missed church at Christmas due to a cold and flu-mixed illness. She called it ‘grisly’. I-images

At an investiture at Buckingham Palace yesterday, Her Majesty spoke to Baroness Shirley Williams as she gave her the Companion of Honour award calling the cold and flu-mix virus ‘grisly’.

The Monarch revealed she was determined to recover in time for a palace party, with rest at Sandringham which prevented her from attending church numerous times in December and January, and also delayed her journey to Norfolk with Prince Philip.

Each recipient of an award gets roughly 30 seconds to chat with the presenting Royal at an investiture.

Lady Williams of Crosby, 86, was a key figure in the establishment of the Social Democratic Party in 1981, and revealed what her brief time with The Queen entailed, and was given her award for political service.

“I was delighted she was able to make this [event] and was now better,” the former-MP said. “[The Queen] said they had a big party in the palace so she had to get better, so she did get better.


“She also said it was a particularly grisly mixture of cold and flu which had been going around, lots of people have had it.”

From 1982 until 1987 Lady Williams was the party president, and took a seat in the Lords in 1993, retiring in 2015.

She added complimenting the 90-year-old Sovereign: “She’s as sweet as ever and very charming. And very friendly. She looked good, I’m glad to say.”

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Karen Pottruff Fri 24 February, 2017 - 8:39 pm

Happy to hear the Queen is feeling better.


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