Prince of Wales shares ‘profound’ appreciation for Royal Mail workers

The Prince of Wales has given a message of support to those who have been working for Royal Mail during the pandemic.

Prince Charles opened his message by acknowledging his socially distance conversation with his postman Neil Martin outside Birkhall last May. The Prince notes how he sent a letter back to everyone at Royal Mail expressing his ‘heartfelt but inadequate thanks’ for their tireless efforts.

The Prince of Wales speaking about the hardworking Royal Mail staff. (IMAGE: Royal Mail).

Charles continues “Now, while we are still in the grip of this dreadful pandemic. I want to express once again, my profound appreciation to you all for continuing to work so incredibly hard in every corner of this land.”

The heir to the throne noted how impressed he had been by the determination of the workers, given the obstacles their job has had to overcome.

“The truth is that the Royal Mail remains an incredibly important lifeline to us all, especially to the vulnerable, the lonely, and those who have to self-isolate. And if I may say so I’ve been immensely impressed by the determination you’ve shown, even when faced with the additional challenges of extreme weather, colleague absences, and of course, greatly increased volumes of parcels.”

He continued: “I know that on a daily basis, the Royal Mail is playing a really crucial role in delivering hope through letterboxes across the land. Not least, of course, by carrying those those most critically vital letters, for the NHS inviting people to their vaccination, which offers our best route back to normality.

“I realised too that you have helped deliver more than one billion items of personal protective equipment to the NHS and adult social care settings, and delivered essential medication to those who are unable to leave their homes.

“I’m also aware that there are so many unsung heroes and heroines working for the Royal Mail delivering COVID tests to home addresses and safely collecting the completed kits from a network of 35,000 priority postboxes, seven days a week.”

The Royal noted how he had been loving the outfits workers had been wearing to bring a smile to people’s faces.

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“In addition to performing such a continuous public service, I have been enormously impressed to see how many of you have leapt into unstoppable action in an astonishing variety of unexpected outfits, in order to raise our spirits and in the process, raise thousands of pounds for good causes,” he added.

The future King talked about his visit to Cirencester delivery office last December. The Prince was greeted by Father Christmas and saw the ‘vast number of parcels’ being sorted at the delivery office. Charles comments it was at the sorting office where he met ‘what could only be described as some incredibly inventive fancily-dressed postmen and women’.

The Prince of Wales visited the Royal Mail Delivery Office in Cirencester. (IMAGE: Royal Mail/Twitter).

The Prince concluded by highlighting how the work of the Royal Mail ‘remains utterly vital’ after centuries of service; the British postal service celebrated its 500th anniversary on the eve of The Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016.

“For what it is worth, I can only offer you my greatest possible thanks once again for what every single one of you continues to do day in and day out, during these long days of lockdown, what you do, and the service you provide makes such a difference to so many people, and we would truly be lost without you.”

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