‘Charlotte is lady-like and George is lively’ reaveals William in Cambridge

It was a day of openness with Prince William yesterday, as he spoke of his children’s different personalities, revealing his eldest is a bit of a handful, while his daughter is more placid.

He made the comments on a trip to his namesake city, opening an archive at St John’s College, Cambridge University.

christening george charlotte

The Cambridge children have two different temperaments. (Mario Testino)

The Archive Centre is housed in a 13th century building known as the School of Pythagoras, contains college documents dating back to medieval times, including a copy of the Magna Carta from the 1300s. It was only discovered this year, and is now on display.

The Duke of Cambridge was also very open that evening, discussing grief and his mother at a Child Bereavement UK charity dinner.

Last year, the father-of-two completed a 12-week tailored agricultural master-level course, for him to understand how to run an estate, such as the Duchy of Cornwall which he will inherit when his father ascends the throne.

Speaking with Professor Christopher Dobson, Prince William spoke of his children after being handed a book for them. He promised to read Fitz and Will the Cambridge cats story to George and Charlotte, a pair of cats who sneak into a graduation ceremony.

“It was good to welcome him back. We have fond memories of his time here and he was one of the easiest guests we ever had.

“He remarked that the children were delightful but that they had different characters, with George being lively and Charlotte being very ladylike.”

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