Royal Mint release £20 coin to mark Queen’s achievement


The Royal Mint have released a £20 coin to mark The Queen becoming the longest reigning Monarch in British history.

The coin is struck in fine silver, and features five portraits that British coinage has seen since Her Majesty ascended the throne: from young Queen, to mature Monarch.

queen coin

The heads of The Queen form a semi circle around the top of the coin on the reverse, with the Royal cypher, EIIR, sitting in the middle, and the words ‘the longest reign’ sit at the bottom.

With a face value of £20, the commemorative item will cost the buyer the same amount, making it an affordable investment and souvenir for the historic occasion.

The reverse design is the debut of Stephen Taylor, with Jody Clark’s iconic coin portrait on the obverse, as well as in the portraits on the back.

The packaging of the coin

The packaging of the coin

The Royal Mint is calling it an occasion to ‘celebrate a truly rare moment in British history’. Circulation is limited to 150,000 and you may order up to 10 per household, meaning everyone can mark the occasion!

Purchase one here.

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