Queen gives Royal Lancers ‘Queen’s Own’ moniker with Prince Andrew

Today, the Queen presented a guidon to The Royal Lancers, also giving them the suffix of ‘The Queen’s Own’, accompanied by Prince Andrew.

The Queen presented a guidon to The Royal Lancers today, also giving them the suffix ‘The Queen Elizabeth’s Own’. (Sgt Rupert Frere RLC / MoD Crown)

Her Majesty held a reception at St George’s Hall in Windsor Castle for the event, to give the regiment – whose Deputy Colonel-in-Chiefs are The Duke of York and Princess Alexandra – a heraldic flag, with all of the group’s battle honours upon it. These flags used to be a rallying point in battle.

The Queen and The Duke of York inspect the Guidon given to The Royal Lancers today. Sgt Rupert Frere RLC / MoD Crown)

The Monarch also added the honorific suffix to the regiment’s name of ‘The Queen Elizabeths’ Own’, to mark 70 years of her being their Colonel-in-Chief. The regiment will now be known as The Royal Lancers (The Queen Elizabeths’ Own). It also recognises their service to both her mother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Her Majesty said: “In the short time since I attended your amalgamation, you have established yourselves as a unified Regiment and a force without match. It gives me much pleasure to present to you your new Guidon.

“The Guidon symbolises sacred loyalty to your Sovereign, your country and to all of the officers and men with whom you serve.

“Your loyalty and devotion to duty have been tested over more than three hundred years and never found to be wanting.

“Acts of bravery and skill-at-arms run through your regimental history and many of your most famous feats are recalled here, carried on this Guidon.

“To mark my 70th anniversary as your Colonel-in-Chief, I should like to grant you a further distinction, that of an honorific suffix to The Royal Lancers – Queen Elizabeths’ Own – in recognition of your loyal service to me and to my mother, Queen Elizabeth.”

The Queen’s Royal Lancers and the 9th/12th Royal (Prince of Wales’s) were amalgamated in May 2015 to become The Royal Lancers in May 2015.

By touching the guidon, The Queen signified she had handed over the flag to the men.

Following the short ceremony, Her Majesty and Prince Andrew met former colonels and soldiers of the regiment, before posing for an official photograph.

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