Our top 10 blogs and history posts of 2022

From explanations and insights, to history news and rewind posts

Royal news isn’t everything we cover here at the Crown Chronicles, there are plenty of history posts and insights to be read too! We’ve compiled our readers’ most-read pieces from 2022.

We’ve only included new articles for 2022.

1 – The Vigil of the Princes took place at the funeral of George V in 1936. We took a look at the history of the event ahead of the Queen’s funeral in September.

Tell me about… the Vigil of the Princes

2 – Choosing 70 photos to mark the Platinum Jubilee proved hard, but we made it work! Take a look at the photos which symbolise and and capture the Queen’s remarkable reign.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: 70 years in 70 photos

3 – Adelaide Cottage was a top pick for our readers, as you wanted to learn about the new residence for William and Catherine’s family over in Windsor. Take a look at its history below.

Adelaide Cottage – the Cambridges’ new home

4 – Our readers seem to enjoy all things sparkly, which is why the Platinum Jubilee brooch made the cut in 2022.

The Queen’s Jewellery: Platinum Jubilee Brooch

5 – This year saw Prince Charles and Prince William attend the State Opening of Parliament on behalf of the Queen as her Counsellors of State, and later discussions around Prince Harry and Prince Andrew’s ability to perform such duties for King Charles III. Learn more about the role and what this means.

Tell me about…Counsellors of State

6 –  A famous pairing if ever there was one – Royals and horse racing! Understand more about the historic links to the royal sport, one enjoyed by Elizabeth II.

Horse Racing and the Royals – a history

7 – We took a look at the 2011 wedding of Zara and Mike Tindall, which took place in Edinburgh, in a popular rewind for this year.

Royal Rewind: the wedding of Zara and Mike Tindall

8 – Some of the most popular tourist attractions in London are the royal palaces and former residences, hence why our look at the 2022 summer opening of Buckingham Palace made this list! This year’s opening was cut short by the death of the Queen, but focused on her 70-year reign.

Jewellery and portraits are the focus of Buckingham Palace summer opening 2022

9 – 2022 marked 10 years since the drizzly Diamond Jubilee pageant, which we relived in a royal rewind. Remind yourself below.

Royal Rewind: the 2012 Diamond Jubilee river pageant

10 – One of history’s most famous figures was returned to Hampton Court in March. Well, a heraldic symbol of her anyway! A 500-year old carved wooden falcon was loaned back to the palace where she once resided.

Anne Boleyn’s Book of Hours reveals secret history of loyalty after her death


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