Wine and lobster on the menu for Charles and Camilla’s day in the Scilly Isles

Yesterday, Charles and Camilla spent time on the Scilly Isles during their three-day visit to Cornwall.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall began their day at the Island Fair, where they got to grips with some crustaceans! The Duchess was surprised by the size of one lobster and said: “Look at that – she’s a whopper.”

The creature is part of the Isles of Scilly Lobster and Crawfish Tagging Project, which is a European Fisheries Fund-sponsored study to monitor numbers in the seas. The couple had a close look at the sea-animal, and even held them!

Prince Charles, passionate about sustainability and conservation, told the project’s organisers he thought the project was ‘fantastic’.

Charles and Camilla also sampled the food on offer as they toured the fair, including fudge, to which the Duchess declared: “I wouldn’t say no to fudge for lunch.”

A wide variety of foodstuffs was available to purchase, from fish to bread, to local preserves.

The Duchess is president of the United Kingdom Vineyards Association and paid a visit to HolyVale Vineyard in St Mary. Here, she sampled the a ‘delicious’ pinot noir, washing down the morning’s foods.

During a walkabout, Prince Charles was greeted by 6-month-old Richard Baskett and his mum Linda, just a day before Prince George’s second birthday. The Crown Chronicles has taken a look at the Prince’s life in pictures – see here.

Crowds were once again out in force to see The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, who spend time in the county each year.

Lastly, the Royal couple were entertained by pupils from St Agnes school; children performed the story of St George slaying the Dragon for them in the sunshine.

Feature photo: Polaris

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