King Michael of Romania being treated for cancer in Switzerland

King Michael of Romania is being treated for cancer in Switzerland. (Emmanuel Stoica)

King Michael of Romania is being treated for cancer in Switzerland. (Emmanuel Stoica)

King Michael of Romania is currently being treated at a Swiss clinic as he battles cancer, the Royal House has announced.

The 94-year-old King was admitted to a facility in Lausanne late last week, though the exact location has not been given ‘out of respect for His Majesty’s condition’.

In the statement from the Royal press office, Michael is described as being ‘in a severe state of physical weakness’ and is ‘receiving constant treatment’. The King’s doctors think that his condition will be relatively stable over the next few days.


Michael’s wife, Queen Anne, is at the couple’s private residence in Switzerland, and is aware of her husband’s condition. The statement also makes a comment on her health, saying ‘she is taking a course of treatment usual for Her Majesty’s age’.

Margareta, Custodian of the Crown and Prince Radu have been visiting The King and Queen every day and remain in Switzerland.

The daughters of Michael, The Princesses of Romania, will be travelling to Switzerland within the next few days in order to be with their parents. ‘They have been in daily contact with the family and, with hope and sadness, have been following the development of their father’s state of health,’ said the statement.

‘The Royal Family is moved by people’s depth of feeling towards the King and the Crown, and likewise by the decency and respect with which the mass media has covered this sad and worrying even,’ the office thanked the public.

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