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Official logo for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is unveiled

by Kieran Rumsby

Many entered the competition to design the emblem for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but there could be only one winner! First place in the prestigious competition has been announced and the logo unveiled…

19-year old graphic design student Edward Roberts was announced the winner of the competition with his round purple design. Roberts said he was ‘over the moon’ to be crowned the winner.

The logo features the colour purple, which has traditionally symbolised royalty. The shade specifically used most closely corresponds to the purple seen in The Queen’s Robe of Estate and Coronation Gown.

The winning logo for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee features a stylised version of St Edward’s Crown made of a continuous line, to signify The Queen’s unbroken service. (@RoyalFamily/Twitter)

The circle around the crown is placed to give the impression of a Royal Seal, which features the number 70 to signify the Platinum Jubilee within the top of the crown. The crown is also based on the coronation crown, also known as St Edward’s Crown. Its continuous line represents Her Majesty’s lifelong service to the nation.

The font used for the lettering is known as Perpetua, which translates to ‘forever’, and reflects the font style that appeared on the Coronation Order of Service in 1953.

Edward Roberts pictured with his winning design for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee logo (@RoyalFamily/Twitter)

Speaking about his design Edward said: “I was thinking of ways I could re-create the continuity of The Queen’s reign in the design and I had a eureka moment.

“Art and Design have always been passions of mine, from a young age. Looking forward, I hope to make a career out of them. I never expected to win the competition, and it’s an honour to have done so.”

Edwards is from Nottinghamshire, studying at the University of Leeds.

He added: “For my design, I wanted to give a modern twist to the iconic elements of St Edward’s Crown, and so I created a continuous line, which I felt was a fitting representation of The Queen’s reign.’

“I wanted the design to also symbolise a royal seal and put it within a circle to give the impression of a royal wax seal and I think that’s come across really effectively in the design.”

Paul Thompson, vice-chancellor of the Royal College of Art as well as a member of the judging panel, said: “This clean graphic design takes us on a simple line journey to create the crown and the number 70, beautifully capturing the continuous thread of Her Majesty The Queen’s 70-year reign.

“Drawn on a computer, the ingenious emblem works across all scales and the flow of the line gives us a sense of a human touch behind the digital design process.”

The winning purple and white entry will publicise The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which will be marked in June 2022 by a special four-day bank holiday weekend.

Celebrations across the four-day period will range from a live concert staged outside Buckingham Palace with some of the world’s biggest stars, to a day at the races for the Royal Family.

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