Newly-wed Harry and Meghan head to evening reception hosted by Prince Charles

The newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made the journey from Windsor Castle to Frogmore House, a short drive away on the Windsor estate, for their evening reception which is being hosted by The Prince of Wales.

The couple left Windsor Castle just after 7.15pm for the 1.5 mile drive along Long Walk to Frogmore. The Duchess was wearing a lily white high neck gown made of silk crepe by British designer Stella McCartney.

The bride’s shoes from Aquazurra were made in silky satin with nude mesh and soles painted in baby blue. Her hair was worn pinned up and had been styled for the evening by George Northwood.

The Duke, dressed in black tie evening attire drove his bride in a silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero. The car was originally manufactured in 1968 but has since been converted to electric power. The car was sporting a number plate to reflect the special date – E190518.


The formalities are over – vows have been made, rings exchanged, cake cut and (some of the) speeches given – now it’s time for the happy couple to let their hair down and party the night away with 250 close family and friends.

And – although some speeches will have been given this afternoon – there will be more this evening. Perhaps tonight is the night when William takes the opportunity to ‘get his own back’ on Harry, following Harry’s best man speech at his wedding in 2011.

We also now know that Meghan – or The Duchess of Sussex – as we now must know her to be, will give a speech herself. Tradition at weddings suggests that the father of the bride gives a speech at the reception, however for reasons that have already been written about elsewhere, Thomas Markle was unable to be at his daughter’s wedding today. Meghan, being an independent and modern woman is clearly confident enough to dispense with tradition and give a speech herself.



A massive glass marquee, thought to have cost £300,000, has been erected in the 33-acre private gardens where Prince Harry and Meghan enjoyed picnics when they first started dating.

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In 2008, Frogmore House was also used as the reception venue for The Queen’s eldest grandchild Peter Phillips when he married Autumn Kelly.

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Sir Elton John has already performed at this afternoon’s reception in Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Hall, but there are lots of musical artists and acts well known to the couple who are rumoured to be performing at this evening’s reception. Speculation remains whether any of the likes of Ed Sheeran, James Blunt or even Stormzy will take to the stage.

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Let’s not forget that the Spice Girls were starting their own rumours that they will be getting together to sing for the couple. It’s also possible that Meghan will be keen to bring some American influence to the affair, so someone like Bruce Sprinsteen, who has performed at the Invictus Games could make an appearance.

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On BBC 5live this morning, sports reporter Dom Busby let slip that a friend of his has done discos for Royal parties and that he has been booked for this evening’s reception – although he would not reveal his friend’s name – the royals and their guests clearly intend to be dancing the night away!

There are stories circulating that catering might not be a formal dinner as originally thought, but by way of ‘street food’ wagons. Unconfirmed reports say that the royal couple will be serving grilled cheese toasties, tacos and American-style sliders as late-night snacks from food vans, even supposedly hiring ice cream vans for the occasion.

It will be interesting to see if Meghan encourages Harry to enter into the American tradition of the newly wedded couple feeding the wedding cake to each other!

Whatever happens, we are sure that the happy couple will have a fantastic time celebrating the culmination of a very special day for them personally, and a day of joy and happiness for all avid Royal watchers. Please join all the reporting team at The Crown Chronicles and raise your glasses this evening in a toast: “To the happy couple – The Duke and Duchess of Sussex!”


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