The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex enjoy carriage procession through Windsor

The newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex travelled through the town of Windsor to greet the public after their historic wedding ceremony. To the delight of everyone assembled, the happy couple stopped for a kiss on the stairs before they began the carriage procession.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s share their first kiss as a married couple (BBC screenshot)

With their families watching, the newlyweds departed in their Ascot Landau Carriage, pulled by Windsor Gray horses. The roar of the waiting crowds greeted The Duke and Duchess, with thousands of well-wishers waving and cheering on the bride and groom. The procession route was lined with members of the military who served with Prince Harry in Afghanistan. Harry and Meghan journeyed through Windsor town, waving at the gathered crowd, and then travelled up the 2.65 mile Long Walk, which leads back into Windsor Castle.

Harry and Meghan’s families gathered on the steps of St George’s Chapel to wave them off (BBC screenshot)

Princess Charlotte, one of the six bridesmaids, watches the newlyweds depart in their carriage (BBC screenshot)

The newlyweds participated in a carriage procession through Windsor, involving the crowds who had gathered to wish them well (BBC screenshot)

Following the procession, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will join their guests for a reception in Windsor Castle. During the reception, Prince Charles and Prince Harry will both make speeches; The Duchess of Sussex (as a thoroughly modern royal) will also speak, while her new brother-in-law, The Duke of Cambridge, will act as compere. Later this evening, there will be a further, more intimate reception at Frogmore House, hosted by The Prince of Wales.

During the reception, guests will enjoy a lemon and elderflower cake, designed by Claire Ptak. The elderflower flavour will come from a syrup made from elderflower tress on The Queen’s Sandringham Estate. The cake is also decorated with 150 fresh flowers; The Duchess of Sussex is known to have a special love for flowers, which is why they were so prominent in St George’s Chapel during the ceremony.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s lemon and elderflower wedding cake, designed by Claire Ptak (Kensington Royal)

It is hoped that we will see The Duke and Duchess leave Windsor Castle for Frogmore House this evening; stay tuned with The Crown Chronicles to see if Meghan will follow The Duchess of Cambridge’s example and change into a new dress for her evening reception.

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