New photos of Queen, Camilla and William released for exhibition

New ‘quadruple’ portraits of The Queen, Camilla and Prince William have been released.

Hugo Rittson-Thomas has taken the likenesses using mirrors for a new exhibition, entitled The Queen’s People, to be shown at the Eleven Gallery in London.


The Queen’s People showcases photographs of members of the Royal Household, and senior ceremonial figures in their traditional uniforms; this includes Black Rod (who plays a significant part in the State Opening of Parliament) a Chelsea Pensioner, and members of the clergy.

Her Majesty was photographed at Windsor Castle in 2013, wearing a deep red dress, and the regimental brooch for the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Camilla had her photo taken before a speech given at the Royal Academy of Arts in June. The Duchess is in white tie attire: a Bruce Oldfield dress in white, with her family’s Cubitt-Shand tiara, The Queen’s family order, her Royal Victoria Order sash, and her pearl and diamond choker.


The Duke of Cambridge is seen dressed in his frock coat uniform of the Irish Guards, complete with frills. This was what William wanted to wear to his wedding, but The Queen convinced him to wear the red tunic instead.

Mr Rittson-Thomas said that The Queen put him at ease when he had an issue with his camera: “The camera had a digital seizure but luckily I was about two-thirds of the way into the shoot but she was very calm and cool and put me at my ease.


“My brain had just frozen but she started talking to me and I was able to fix the problem in two minutes. The roles were reversed and she was the one putting the photographer at ease.”

The photographs are reminiscent of van Dyck’s famous triple portrait of Charles I, and give an unusual look at three senior Royals: we aren’t so used to seeing the back of their head! But it is certainly an interesting perspective – showing the visibility of the Royals in the 21st century?

See the photos at the Eleven Gallery from August 19 to September 19.

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Photos: Hugo Rittson-Thomas

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Gretchen Steere Bugbee Sun 02 August, 2015 - 4:19 pm

Like the photographs very much. A unique perspective of each Royal. A personable view of the Queen, very regal pose of the Duchess and a very handsome, strong picture of Prince William. I would like to see all of the photos from the exhibition.


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