Tim Peake is back to Earth dining with The Queen at Windsor Castle

Tim Peake and his wife Rebecca dined with The Queen at Windsor Castle last night, as part of her Easter Court parties.

Karen Roe https://www.flickr.com/photos/karen_roe/7167127453

Major Tim Peake – first British astronaut to the International Space Station – dined with The Queen on Monday. (Karen Roe)

The Monarch invited the astronaut to her favourite home on Monday evening. The Queen lives at Windsor for a month each spring for Easter Court when she hosts dinner parties. Famous faces often join her for a dine and sleep evening, where guests stay in the historic castle for the night. Others have included actress Helena Bonham Carter, Bond star Daniel Craig and actress Rachel Weisz.

Tim Peake – the first Briton to form part of the crew of the International Space Station – worked on the ISS for a 186-day mission; he came back on Earth 18th June 2016, and was the first person in space to delivered the message “God Save the Queen!” to the Sovereign a live video broadcast.

Major Peake was honoured with the Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George award by The Queen, making him the first person honoured while in space setting this way another record. He collected the award last December.

The Queen sent a message to Tim Peake when he joined the International Space Station the year before, on 15 December 2015:

“Prince Philip and I are pleased to transmit our best wishes to Major Timothy Peake as he joins the International Space Station in Orbit.

We hope that Major Peake’s work on the Space Station will serve as an inspiration to a new generation of scientists and engineers. The thoughts and prayers of the whole country are with him and the crew, especially at this time of year.

We join with his friends and family in wishing him a productive mission and a safe return to Earth.


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