Winner of ‘royal wedding cake’ chocolates announced!

Last week we began a competition to win some House of Sarunds chocolates, based on the royal wedding cake!

These special chocolates have a tart lemon cream below an elderflower pate de fruit, all encased in a thin, dark crisp chocolate shell and decorated in the colours of the Union Jack. (Obviously.)

Here we announce the winners of first prize (a pack of 10 for worth £19.99) and second prize (a pack of five chocolates worth £9.99). The winners were picked at random from all those who liked or retweeted the post and followed us, as per the last article.

Our winner of the first prize @RoyalSpectator on Twitter! Congratulations!

Second place with a box of five chocolates is Patricia Jones, (@jonespatjones1) also on Twitter!

We hope you enjoy your prize – please get in touch with your details so we can send you the chocolates.

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yumiko kokuryu Mon 28 May, 2018 - 10:30 pm

I wish if I could have a chance to win chocolates based on the royal wedding cakes. Looks very fantastic.


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