Prince Henrik excited ahead of first day at school

It was an important day for Prince Henrik of Denmark this week as he was pictured, bright red backpack at the ready, for his first day of school. His parents, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, looked especially proud of their eldest child on this special occasion.

The family, including three-year-old Athena, posed for photographs outside of their new home in Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen, accompanied by Apple, the family Bichon Frise.

Henrik is the eldest of Joachim and Marie’s children, though the second youngest of four, since his father has two sons, Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai, from his first marriage.

They spoke briefly with the press, the six-year-old Prince revealing that he has a fondness for maths, saying: “I like to add up.”

Despite the young Prince appearing a little shy at first, he was clearly excited as he had insisted on wearing his new backpack despite not having any books to fill it with yet. Instead he was carrying his lunchbox inside.

Just a few weeks ago, the Danish Royal Family gathered for their annual photocall.

Henrik will be attending the private Catholic school, St Joseph Sisters, in Ordrup. Although Friday marked his first official day, it was just a short, two-hour session which allowed him to meet his classmates before starting properly on Monday, 16th August. His parents also had the opportunity to meet the headmaster and fellow parents, as any other family with a child attending the school would.

Feature photo: Comrade Foot

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