Camilla’s Jewellery: sapphire and diamond dragonfly brooches

These brooches are regularly seen on The Duchess of Cornwall’s lapels and they depict two flighty dragonflies, one with blue wings and the other clear. The curved bodies add to the idea of the dragonflies in flight.

Created by Van Cleef and Arpels, they are a staple design for the jeweller and are thought to have been a gift from Prince Charles to wife Camilla.

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Van Cleef & Arpels dragonfly brooches

While usually worn as a pair, we have seen them worn on both sides of a jacket’s lapels, which the Duchess sometimes does with her two-piece sets. Of course, they are usually on blue outfits.

FMHJV tells us the brooches first debuted in 2010.

They are a pair amongst numerous insect-based brooches within her collection, alongside butterflies and even a stick insect!

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Featured image via Northern Ireland Office/Flickr/Aaron McCracken

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