The Queen’s Jewellery: Queen Mary’s bandeau tiara

This tiara had been thought dismantled, but surprised royal jewellery fans after being chosen as Meghan’s wedding tiara in 2018.

Queen Mary’s bandeau tiara is formed of eleven sections, which create a flexible band. This band is pavé set with brilliant diamonds in a geometric design – arches of diamonds intersect and overlap – giving an art deco feel to the piece.

Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara (Royal Collection Trust)

The centre of the tiara is the focal point, comprising a detachable brooch made of a large brilliant diamond surrounded by nine small stones and nine even tinier ones, suspended by four thin bars. Two clusters of stones mimic the brooch on both sides.

The bandeau was made in 1932 for Queen Mary, specifically designed to accommodate the brooch, which had been given to her in 1893, when she was Duchess of York. It came from the County of Lincoln to mark her wedding that year.

The Queen inherited the piece in 1953 after the death of her grandmother.

Prince Harry and Meghan on their wedding day at St George’s Chapel; Meghan’s wedding tiara once belonged to Queen Mary (PA)

This tiara was most notably worn by The Duchess of Sussex on her wedding day, 19th May, making today their second anniversary. It is a firm favourite amongst jewellery fans.

You can see the base in this photo below, which elevated the tiara a little, and made it pop.

A closer look at Meghan and her wedding tiara. Picture by i-Images / Pool

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