The Queen’s Jewellery: BJA dove brooch

The brooch takes the form of a dove. It is a simple diamond frame with platinum and gold shamrocks, thistles, roses and daffodils (the flowers of the UK) and holly leaves inside. The holly symbolises unity, and the dove design stands for peace.

The piece was a gift for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and a competition was run by the British Jeweller’s Association to select a design to give Her Majesty; Ivonna Poplanska was the winner.

The BJA says the brooch is entitled ‘The Eternal Dove’, and is loosely based on the ‘Sceptre with Dove’ in the Crown Jewels, made for the Coronation of Charles II in 1661. The internal decorations are made in Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English gold, quite rare, which was donated by local prospectors.

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