The Queen’s Jewellery: scallop shell brooch

This brooch features a shell made from solid rows of diamonds, which radiate from a single large pearl nestled at the base of it. Either side, the shell curls inwards, and strings of diamonds of graduating in length are suspended beneath. In silvery tones, the brooch is easy to accessorise with most outfits.

The Queen Mothers scallop shell pearl brooch

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It once belonged to The Queen Mother, and is officially called the Courtauld Thomsen Scallop-Shell Brooch. Lord Courtauld-Thomsen designed the piece and it was made in 1919. It was left to Queen Elizabeth, wife of George VI, in 1944 by Courtauld-Thomsen’s sister, Winifred Hope Thomsen.

The Queen Mother seemed to be fond of it, and wore it often, particularly during her 100th birthday celebrations in 2000.

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