Prince Harry & Meghan’s Royal Wedding: our favourite moments

Despite the fact the entire Crown Chronicles team was working through to the day to bring you coverage of the Royal Wedding – which saw Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle – we still managed to enjoy the romance of the day. And we’ve chosen our best bits to share with you!

Seeing the connection between the couple as Prince Harry lifted Meghan’s veil was my favourite part. He did it so gently, and the look of pure love was infectious. I think many people welled up or even shed a tear at this moment!

For Stephen, meanwhile, Princess Charlotte stole the show, with her spot-on waving skills!

“With a bridal party of 10 aged 2-7 there could have been a comedy reel of mishaps,” Stephen said. “Sadly that didn’t happen and so we were left with pure cuteness. Princes Charlotte continued to show that following her starring performance following the birth of Prince Louis she is a natural performer for the big occasion and, at aged only three, already one of the biggest star acts the Royal Family have.”

Dianne was also amused by the young Princess’ antics, which she thought channelled a young Prince Harry! That is definitely a mischievous look!

Princess Charlotte, bridesmaid for Meghan markle, sticks her tongue out in the car at the royal wedding. Picture by i-Images / Pool

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This picture was also chosen by Stephen as a great portrait of the youngster.

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Daniel and Olivia concurred that Meghan walking up the steps, her veil trailing behind her; a vision in white, Meghan’s veil was held at the ends by two pageboys, and they found it particularly special, surrounded by flowers and being basked in sunlight.

Olivia explained why she picked this moment: “When Meghan stepped out of the car, I was immediately struck by the simplicity of her dress. Once the pageboys adjusted her veil, it became clear that this was all about the veil, not the dress. The decision to prioritise her veil really made Meghan stand out amongst other royal brides.”

You can see a run down of royal wedding dresses from the last 70 years over on our sister site, Replicate Royalty, here.

Meghan Markle arrives at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle for her wedding to Prince Harry (PA)

This gorgeous photo, taken by Danny Lawson of the PA, caught mine and Ilana’s eye; the light, streaming through the St George’s Chapel’s stained glass windows made the bride appear other-worldy, as she walked the first half of the aisle alone. Simply stunning.

Dianne was also enamoured by seeing Meghan’s tiara for the first time; the bride had chosen Queen Mary’s bandeau tiara, which hasn’t been seen since the 1950s! It was a complete surprise for us royal watchers, but we thought it was beautiful.

Meghan Markle – now Duchess of Sussex – wore one of Queen Mary’s tiaras. Picture by i-Images / Pool

My other personal favourite moment was the use of the gospel choir, singing ‘Stand By Me’; it felt like such a normal thing for a wedding (unusual for a royal wedding though), and I actually got goosebumps. The love was definitely on max-level in St George’s Chapel.

Olivia found Harry’s nerves very sweet too. “We’re so used to seeing Harry relaxed, smiling and cracking a joke, it was incredibly endearing to see him look so nervous before Meghan arrived! It really emphasised how in love he is with his new wife.”

Prince Charles walked his daughter-in-law down the aisle, and after the ceremony, took Doria’s hand. He also accompanied her down the steps, some saying she had otherwise cut a lonely – but proud-looking – figure on the day.

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Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, was the bride’s only relative (bbc still)


We’ll leave you with the Royals waving at the newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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