The Queen’s Jewellery: pearl trefoil brooch

This series on The Crown Chronicles will take a look at The Queen’s brooches of which she has a vast collection. Some are antique, used by Queens before her, and many others have been gifts to her over the course of her long reign.

We begin with the pearl trefoil brooch. This brooch is in a shape that resembles a spade from a deck of cards, created from three twisted loops, with scroll detail at the bottom and five pearls; one pearl sits in each loop, with another at the bottom, surrounded by diamonds. The biggest pearl sits in the centre of the brooch. It is a pretty little piece, intricate in its design.

Its history is not certain but The Queen has worn it since the 1980s, according to From Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault. A very popular piece of Her Majesty’s, it is worn regularly – have a look to see how often you notice this piece.



Photo: Michael Chu

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