Carl Philip and Sofia make debut visit as a married couple

Prince Carl Philip and his new wife, Princess Sofia have carried out their first official Royal visit this week, since marrying in June.

The pair, who are also known as The Duke and Duchess of Värmland, chose their duchy for this significant occasion.

It was a jam-packed two-day visit that kicked off in Arvika, where the couple inaugurated a new nature reserve, Byamossarna. The reserve features a 3.5km hiking trail that was gifted to the park by the County Administrative Board of Värmland following the couple’s wedding.

In keeping with the setting, the couple were dressed casually, with the new Princess choosing to don a pair of wellies, as they made their way through the rain.

Despite the drizzle, the newlyweds remained upbeat and relaxed throughout, saying to Swedish newspaper, Expressen: “We are so happy to be here,” with the Prince declaring “it’s only rain”.

The next stop of the day was Mårbacka where Carl Philip and Sofia stopped by the house of Selma Lagerlöf, the notable Swedish author and Nobel laureate. While there, they also carried out a walkabout to meet the locals who had waited in the rain hoping to catch a glimpse of the newest Royal.

Day one was rounded off by a dinner, hosted by Governor Kenneth Johansson of Värmland, and his wife Viola. Around 60 guests dined alongside the Royal couple on a dish of lightly salted zander from lake Vänern.

Sadly the rain continued into day two as they started the day with a boat trip along the River Klarälven, arriving in Mariebergsskogen. There, they paid a visit to The Nature Room, a children’s vegetable garden, where they also received a guided tour and met with some of the children that use the facility.

The Prince and Princess were then invited to lunch by the Agricultural Society and were given the chance to help prepare the meal. Over 50 guests, including chefs and producers, from around Värmland also attended.

After lunch they made a short visit to Ztory labs, a service for digital magazines and books, before heading to the Main Square. The couple once again took the opportunity to meet some of the public who had turned out to see them.

The very last stop of this hectic second day was a guided tour of the Picasso exhibition at Uddens port; this was following another boat trip on the Christine af Bro.

It was a busy trip for the young couple but, despite the miserable weather, they both appeared to enjoy themselves, with Sofia seeming to be adjusting well to her new life as a member of the Swedish Royal Family.

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