Extra security around Buckingham Palace for Changing of the Guard

In direct response to the Berlin lorry atrocity the security measures for the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace have been enhanced – road closures will be put in place today.

Road closures are being enhanced at Buckingham Palace in response to the attack in Berlin (Tom Bennett)

The Met Police, responsible for Royal security, said it will increase the no-drive zones around the Palace during the changeover of the Royal Guards.

They said this measure is necessary to protect thousands of tourists that flock to watch the ceremonial event, which takes place daily in summer and on selected dates throughout winter.

Roads and areas affected by the closure are: Constitution Hill, the Queen Victoria Memorial, Spur Road, Link Road and The Mall (up to the junction with Marlborough Road).

On the days of Changing the Guard road closures will be in place from around 10.45am to 12.30pm.

Commander Simon Bray, responsible for security, said: “The Met undertakes a range of different activities including strengthening security and high-visibility policing as part of a counter-terrorist strategy, and it will continue to take whatever action it believes is necessary to protect and reassure the public.”

An attack on the UK is thought to be highly likely, and such a popular and significant location in central London is certainly a target.


A statement by the force reads: “The closure follows a request from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) as part of ongoing security measures aimed at keeping the public safe.

“In a request to The Royal Parks, which manages the roads, the MPS highlighted that due to the event’s high-profile in an iconic location with a substantial military presence and attracting large crowds, the closures were a necessary precaution to continue protecting the public and those taking part in the event.

“The MPS has stressed the road closures, which have been planned for some time, are a precautionary measure and not in relation to any specific intelligence.

“The planned implementation has been brought forward following the events yesterday, Tuesday December 19, in Berlin.”

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