Harry goes into the Wildneress for conservation project

Green space and conservation were the orders of the day for Prince Harry yesterday, as he visited the Chatham Green Project.

Harry – who celebrates his 33rd birthday today – went to the conservation, education and sustainability initiative at the Wilderness Foundation in Chatham Green, Essex, young people and conservation being two things the Prince advocates regularly, and here, the involvement of youngsters to help protect the environment in future.

prince harry at the chatham green wilderness project yesterday (kensington royal)

Joining pupils in some outdoors classes on 400 acres of farmland in the heart of Essex, the Royal helped build shelters, light fires and learn about nature, within the context of survival and sustainability. There were even some cooking tips and tea making with nettles.

The Chatham Green Project aims to educate over 3,000 pupils each year to value the countryside and take action to protect it and our wider environment. The Wilderness’ website says Harry met with those ‘who have experienced for themselves the positive power of nature to improve lives and the positive power of humanity to save wilderness’.

harry learnt about shelter building and survival skills with youngsters

The Prince also met with graduates of the charity’s TurnAround programme; these 15-21 year olds take part in outdoor adventures and mentoring, with the aim of overcoming family, social and personal problems. The success of the programme is high, with an average of 83 per cent of graduates entering further education or employment, and managed to stick to this after the programme.

Harry sat around the fire with these young people to hear their stories, and how the programme has helped them.

The Prince also signed a visitors’ book before he left.

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Daphne Tue 26 September, 2017 - 12:04 am

The Wildneress?


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