Harry & Meghan agree 2600 members of public can watch their wedding inside Windsor Castle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want the British public to share in their happiness on their wedding day in May, so today have announced that they will be allowing some 2640 people from across the country into Windsor Castle.

Those lucky people will be allowed into the walls of Windsor Castle, to see the public parts of the day, such as the couple’s arrival at St George’s Chapel in the lower ward and the carriage procession out into Windsor.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get married on 19th May 2018 and are inviting some of the public to see their special day first-hand (Stephen Lock / i-Images)

Kensington Palace have said that 1,200 members of the public ‘from every corner of the United Kingdom’ are to be nominated by the nine Lord Lieutenants – The Queen’s representatives across the country – to attend.

People will be chosen from a wide cross section of society, but will certainly include ‘young people who have shown strong leadership, and those who have served their communities’.

The announcement comes just days after Meghan made her first official appearance with the Royals at the Royal Foundation Forum, in which The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry spoke about their work and hopes for the future.

Organisations with which Prince Harry and Meghan are associated will also get the chance to send people to the royal wedding. 200 people will be selected, including a number of charities of which Harry is patron. This is likely to include organisations such as Sentebale, WellChild, and the Invictus Foundation.

Prince harry and meghan markle will marry at st george’s chapel, windsor,
and allow 2600 members of the public into the castle confines (shutterstock)

The local community of Windsor will not be forgotten: 100 pupils from two local schools, The Royal School, Great Park, Windsor and St George’s School, Windsor Castle, are to see the big day from inside the castle walls, and 610 Windsor Castle community members, including residents of Windsor Castle and members of the St George’s Chapel community, will also be amongst the lucky crowd.

530 members of The Royal Households and Crown Estate will take the last tickets.

No provision has been made for members of the Commonwealth to attend as part of this privileged group, but we still expect an announcement that the wedding will be televised.

It seems that Lord Lieutenants simply need to be written to in order to nominate someone. More details will be released soon – watch this space.

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