Harry & Meghan attend gala performance of The Wider World to mark Darwin’s 210th birthday

Last night, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended a performance of ‘The Wider World’, a play to mark the 210th birthday of Charles Darwin, also in support of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

The play was shown at the Natural History Museum, an appropriate location given the collection of flora and fauna that the organisation holds from across the globe.

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‘The Wider World’ follows Charles Darwin’s journey on the HMS Beagle at the age of 22, which helped him develop his theory of evolution after the journey in 1831. It was created by Australian actors.

As they arrived for the performance, Meghan, 37, was given a bouquet by Sage Saunders, whose father is American and mother is Canadian – which gave them much to talk about.

The Commonwealth Canopy is the official charitable partner of the production, which is dedicated to conserving forests in Commonwealth countries. Of course, Prince Harry became a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador last year.

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prince harry and meghan view some of the puppets from ‘the wider world’ (kensington palace)

Inside, the Royals were introduced to the show’s producer Trish Wadley and the director of the National History Museum, Sir Michael Dixon.

The Duke and Duchess also met donors and children. They were additionally able to view some of the exhibitions, including a preserved common octopus collected by Darwin in 1832, a first copy of On The Origin of Species, and a collection of wasps he made on The Beagle and other voyages.

One highlight was meeting some of the puppets used for the play, similar to that used for War Horse. They were even given their tickets by a puppet of a giant land tortoise.

prince harry receives the couple’s tickets from a puppet tortoise (kensington palace)

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