Country Life magazine edited by Camilla becomes best-selling edition of all time

The Queen was guest editor of the magazine for her birthday this year

The Queen’s special edition of Country Life earlier this year has become the magazine’s biggest-selling issue of all time

The edition, which featured a cover image of Camilla taken by the then-Duchess of Cambridge, sold nearly 70,000 copies  since its release in July.

The cover photograph for Camilla’s edition of Country Life. (Country Life).

Camilla has impressively usurped her husband’s title: Charles’ edited edition from 2018 became the best-selling issue of all time, holding for nearly four years.

Country Life editor-in-chief Mark Hedges said: ‘The world-exclusive cover set the tone for an extraordinary edition of Country Life, now the best-selling edition in its 125-year history, which provides an unrivalled insight to our Queen Consort.’

‘She was a fearless and extremely hands-on guest editor, tackling issues such as domestic violence in the countryside and inner city deprivation.

‘A recurring theme running through many of the features are the stories told by people whose lives have been changed as a result of quiet acts of kindness and help from Her Royal Highness.

‘Country Life has always been a magazine of record and our commemorative guest-edit issue by our Queen Consort has earned its place in history.’

Camilla’s dogs are set to feature in her edition of Country Life. (Country Life).

The magazine reflected Camilla’s own interests, such as her passion for horses and dogs, as well as revealing her champions of the countryside, her most cherished view, and her favourite recipe.

The Queen also included tribute to her husband, King Charles III, who is a ‘countryman to his very core’ and the countryside is ‘the place where he is most happy and relaxed, an integral part of his heart and soul’.

Camilla paid tribute to Charles in her edition of Country Life with a new picture. (Country Life).

Camilla explored the ‘darker side’ of ‘the ever-increasing rise in rural crime, the struggles faced by family farms that can, tragically, result in suicide, and the uniquely difficult circumstances of those experiencing domestic abuse in remote areas.’

In the magazine, the then-Duchess of Cornwall shared her favourite view – Lochnagar from Bovaglie. The mountain is around five miles from Balmoral, with a loch at its foot. It is a popular route for hillwalkers in the area.

Speaking about the view, Camilla says ‘the sight never ceases to lift the spirits and soothe the soul. And, sitting on a convent granite boulder, near the run-downs tradings at Bovaglie, lungs filled with that clean Highland air, there are few sights more stirring or beautiful. Somehow, the worries of the day-to-day world melt away, such is the power of this magnificent view’.

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