Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla take the bus to London Transport Museum

On Wednesday, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were spotted taking an usual form of transport for Royals: a London red bus! The couple traveled from Clarence House to the London Transport Museum in one of the city’s new environmentally friendly electric double decker buses, to take part in celebrations to mark 20 years of Transport for London (TfL).

A bus stop was set up at the couple’s residence, and aboard they went to the museum in a green (eco-friendly) red London bus.

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Upon their arrival, Charles and Camilla were welcomed by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, then they went on a tour of the museum. During the visit, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla met TfL apprentices and staff who have pioneered environmental and mental health schemes in the workplace and crisis response staff.

Set-up 20 years ago with the goal to bring London’s transport network together under one integrated body, TfL has grown and improved London’s transport network to help support jobs, homes, opportunities and economic growth across the capital.

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In the children’s section of the museum, the Duchess chatted to school pupils and were shown various activities on offer at the soft play area. There, one little girl told Camilla that she’s learning about environmental issues in school, telling the royal guest: “Antarctica’s melting.”

Welcoming more than 400,000 visitors every year, the London Transport Museum is the world’s leading museum of urban transport. Historic vehicles, world-famous posters and objects from the Museum’s renowned collections tell the story of London’s development and the vital part transport plays in defining the unique identity of the city.

Each year the Museum promotes safe, active and sustainable travel to more than 100,000 school pupils through the TfL STARS scheme. It also works with 65,000 children, young people, parents and teachers through its learning programmes, inspiring curiosity about science, technology, engineering, art and design.

Charles and Camilla sat in a 1938 Tube carriage and recorded a message which will be played on the capital’s transport network at some stage later in the year.

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The Duchess climbed into a one-person air raid shelter, and joked that she was ‘self-isolating’.

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Finishing the tour, The Prince of Wales unveiled a commemorative plaque to mark the visit. In a short speech, the Prince said: “It is remarkable how you do it, how you manage to make such an immense operation work so well.”

“And how you also manage to do new projects, upgrading of stations and lines and everything else at the same time as providing the service to the public. It is, in my opinion, pure genius how you do it.”

Each Royal was given a special commemorative plaque featuring their title in a London tube sign.

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