Princess Anne – 10 facts about The Princess Royal

One of the hardest working members of the Royal Family, Princess Anne is a no-nonsense kind of woman, who relishes being kept busy. She’s had a varied life, much of it under the radar as younger Royals take the spotlight. Here are some facts about her.

4th Cdn Div

Princess Anne was the first Royal divorcee to remarry since 1905 (4th Canadian Division)

1 – Anne is much like her father, Prince Philip – direct. When asked how she felt about the birth of her great-nephew Prince George in 2013, the Princess replied ‘Well it’s nothing to do with me,’ and continued with her engagement.

2 – The Princess Royal, knowing her position in the line of succession would be moved down considerably as her brothers had children, turned down titles for her own children, Peter and Zara. She didn’t want a title to affect their lives nor for them to be burdened with Royal duties.

3 – Anne was born at Clarence House in 1950, 18 months before her mother took the throne.

4 – In 1994, The Queen appointed her daughter to the Order of the Garter. However, Anne insisted she be installed as Royal Knight of the order, and not a Lady.

The Princess Royal is a Knight of the Garter, not a Lady, upon Anne’s insistence (Victoria Howard)

5 – By marrying Sir Tim Lawrence in 1995, she became the first Royal divorcée to remarry since Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Victoria, Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine, in 1905.

6 – In 1974, there was a kidnap attempt on the Anne. When asked to leave her car be the assailant, she said ‘Not bloody likely!’ You can see her talking about the event to Parkinson in the article above.

7 – The Princess has her own personal standard in Canada, featuring the maple leaves of the country and an ‘A’ at the centre.

Princess Anne’s Canadian standard (Wikimedia commons)

8 – When it comes to Scotland, Anne is the unofficial supporter of the country in the Royal Family. Anne sent her children to school at Gordonstoun in the Highlands, where Peter played rugby for the Scottish U18s. She is patron of the Scottish RFU, and (partially down to her faith and the differing rules of the Church of Scotland) she and daughter Zara, chose to marry north of the border, at Crathie Kirk and Canongate Kirk respectively. Anne even honeymooned in the Highlands. This close connection may have something to do with The Queen Mother’s Bowes-Lyon heritage of Glamis Castle, for which the Princess seems to have an affection.

9 – Princess Anne has a criminal record: she received a £400 fine for speeding in 2001, and a £500 fine in 2002, after her dog Dotty attacked two children in Windsor Great Park.

10 – While Prince Edward had something of a career in TV production, Anne appeared as a contestant on A Question of Sport in 1987, as a successful equestrienne.

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