Prince Andrew: I don’t want titles for sons-in-law & not at war with Charles

In a surprise move, Prince Andrew has written and released a statement regarding recent rumours about his wishes for his sons-in-law to have titles, also denying that his relationship with Prince Charles is currently strained because of it.

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Prince Andrew has released a statement refuting rumours that he wants titles for his future sons-in-law (Open University)

The Duke of York wrote the statement and released it via his Twitter account just an hour ago as some of the rumours ‘require correction to terminate further speculation and innuendo’.

“It is a complete fabrication to suggest I have asked for any future husbands of the Princesses to have titles,” Prince Andrew writes. Many news outlets ran this story, claiming the Duke and Prince of Wales were at loggerheads over the issue, and Beatrice and Eugenie’s role in the Royal Family.

“There is no truth to the story that there could be a split between the Prince of Wales and I over my daughters’ participation as Members of the Royal family and any continued speculation is pointless.”

In recent years there has been a ‘slimming down’ of the Royal Family, and there is speculation that when Charles ascends the throne, he wants for a few members of the family to work, but take on a higher workload.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie both work full time, and occasionally undertake work to support The Queen. More often, however, they appear at family events such as Trooping the Colour for Her Majesty’s birthday, or Royal Ascot.


Rather than wanting more public roles for his daughters, the Duke said he wanted them to be “modern working young women who happen to be members of the the Royal family”.


While acknowledging there is “considerable interest” in Beatrice and Eugenie as granddaughters of The Queen, Prince Andrew said he “cannot continue to stand by and have the media speculate on their futures based on my purported interventions, which are completely made up”.

Sarah, Duchess of York, also made comments today about recent media coverage of her daughters. She pleaded that the press “stop bullying the York family”, likely referring to the negative press this last year over the number of holidays the Princesses have taken, but little is covered about their charity work, with causes such as education and teenage cancer.

Today, the sisters visited a teenage cancer unit with the Duchess, as they became patrons of Teenage Cancer Trust.

Prince Harry released a statement about new girlfriend last month, asking the press to leave her alone and afford the pair some privacy. That two statements have been made public so close together may suggest a change of strategy – that the Royals will no longer ignore the press and damaging rumours.

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