Prince Charles ‘gatecrashes’ 50th birthday party during visit to the Ritz

The Prince of Wales visited The Ritz on Thursday, to thank staff for their efforts and to show his support to the hospitality industry, amidst the ongoing pandemic. But the future King also crashed a birthday party whilst there!

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The Prince showing his support to those working in the hospitality industry

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The Ritz’s executive chef John Williams gave Prince Charles a tour of the iconic establishment. Mr Williams has had the opportunity to prepare many meals for the Royal Family over the years.

The executive chef introduced Charles to a number of staff across a variety of departments. The heir to the throne spoke to staff in the kitchen, who showed the Prince a fish dish being prepared.

The Prince of Wales commented on the importance of using sustainably sourced food. Charles has been an advocate for sustainability for many years. He recently made the front page of British Vogue, where he gave an exclusive interview with Vogue’s British editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful discussing sustainability and fashion.

Prince Charles talks about work with staff from the Ritz kitchens (@ClarenceHouse)

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As HRH was walking through the hotel on the tour, he bumped into a group of women celebrating a 50th birthday. Charles, who was wearing a face covering, gave them a celebratory elbow-bump and wished them well.

Charles spoke to other departments about how they have been coping during the lockdown, in which many of the workers have suffered. He also discussed the impact the pandemic was having on the industry as a whole.

Commenting on the current situation, Prince Charles said: “We couldn’t manage without you.”

The Royal recently visited London’s 100 Club and the Soho Theatre with The Duchess of Cornwall, when Prince Charles heard how the entertainment industry was coping during the pandemic.

“I’ve been so worried about the devastation being caused by this pandemic – we really are so glad you are getting back to business.”

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The Prince of Wales elbow-bumps a group celebrating a 50th birthday

Prince Charles received a Christmas pudding as a gift after the tour.

This is not the first time the Prince has visited The Ritz. It was leaving the famous London establishment that he and Camilla made their relationship public in 1999.

It was three years later in 2002, The Ritz received a Royal Warrant for Banqueting and Catering Services. The award was presented by The Prince of Wales and the establishment has become the first and only hotel to have been honoured with this prestigious award.

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A royal warrant aims to recognise a group or individual who supplies goods or services to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles or their households. In order to get a royal warrant, a company must have provided services or goods to the households of a consistently high quality for five years. Around 800 businesses currently carry a royal warrant, including Cadbury, Barbour, Samsung, and Twinings.

Prince Charles also revealed in his Vogue interview that he insisted anyone who was to receive his royal warrant must practice sustainability within the business, usually in regards to sourcing materials.

As he left, the Royal wished everyone a “happy Christmas and a better New Year”.

This week, The Prince of Wales joined The Queen and other senior members of the Royal Family at Windsor Castle in a special celebration for key workers and local volunteers.

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