Prince Edward talks Wessex family pets in Q&A with students from Orpheus Centre

This week, The Earl of Wessex joined a Zoom call with students from The Orpheus Centre’s Apollo class to answer some of their questions – and he revealed a rather unusual Wessex family pet!

The Orpheus Centre, of which Prince Edward is patron, is a specialist college with residential accommodation for young adults with disabilities. They are based in Surrey and aim to develop independence and confidence through performing and visual arts. Their vision is of a world where young people with disabilities who have a passion for the performing arts and a desire to live and work independently can achieve their aspirations.

The Earl of Wessex joined a Zoom call with students from The Orpheus Centre’s Apollo class

The students had prepared questions for the Earl ahead of the call and the first question was put to him by Kav, who asked how the Wessexes were getting along in lockdown, as well as what day and month Edward and Sophie married.

Prince Edward did not forget that his anniversary was soon – 19th June to be exact – but did thank Kav for the reminder!

The Earl of Wessex said that he and his family were doing well in lockdown; they have been isolating at Bagshot Park, their home in Surrey, a few miles from Windsor, during the lockdown. It is from Bagshot that the couple have been carrying out a number of video calls, while Sophie has been volunteering her time.

Prince Edward spoke about the two Wessex dogs and tortoise!

The Countess yesterday revealed that she had submitted an entry to the Hold Still campaign, launched by The Duchess of Cambridge.

Jenny asked the Earl if the family had any pets, and coming from a family with a love of pets, it would be strange if they did not! Edward said that they own two dogs and a tortoise “who basically runs the house!” Here is hoping we get a family photo with all the pets some time in the future (maybe to mark their 21st wedding anniversary?).

The last question came from Ollie, a wrestling fan. Ollie asked The Queen’s youngest if he was a fan of wrestling and if so, who was his favourite wrestler?

Unfortunately, Edward doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the sport, saying he has not seen a wrestling match “for a very long time, other than between my children!” Hinting, perhaps, that maybe it’s not always harmonious at Bagshot during lockdown, with Louise and James acting as siblings often do.

Prince Edward speaks from Bagshot Park

This is not the first time the students have gathered on Zoom together. They have regularly been using the platform to put on performances. During their call with the Earl, they showcased some of the work they have been doing.

Thomas performed ‘Evermore’ from Beauty and The Beast for the royal caller, which Edward proclaimed ‘excellent’.

The call ended with a thank you to the students and to the staff from one of their own, The Earl of Wessex nodding in agreement as he listened. He then thanked them all for their questions before everyone said goodbye, Edward telling them all; “see you soon”.

It was a heartwarming video, and the questions gave us a little insight into the Wessexes’ life. Well done to Thomas also on the fantastic performance.


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