Day Five in New Zealand: Harry does the haka

After spending last night in Christchurch, Prince Harry made a few last stops before moving to Linton.

The Prince’s day began earlier than usual, and he visited Odyssey House, a facility that aids drug, gambling and alcohol addicts in the areas of Auckland region and Whangarei.CE1iMvXUMAEFGit

Harry met with residents of the house who are receiving treatment, who had laid out morning tea for him. ‘Did you make all these. Were you busy? I’m disappointed I had breakfast now.’ Harry commented.

Working alongside the residents, he joined in their work for the day: staining tables, showing the laid-back attitude of the 30-year-old, and that he is no stranger to some DIY.

He saw some of the artwork created by one resident. Zeb King had created a lifelike colour pencil drawing of his son, and Harry was so amazed he turned it round to show the cameras and press. Zeb offered to draw Harry and send it to him.

After leaving Odyssey House, Harry spared a few minutes to talk with a group of school children gathered to see him. Prince Henry has done this numerous times during his tour, making time for the children, and showed he has had practice not only with his nephew, Prince George, but that he is a natural.


It was then time to leave Christchurch, and head for Linton Military Camp, Ohakea.

As soon as the Prince arrived, having changed into camo uniform, he hopped into a Polaris All Terrain Vehicle and headed for an ATV course, putting Captain Wales firmly back in his comfort zone with military personnel.


Preparing to life the hangi

It was then time for lunch, with Harry assisting to lift out the hangi, for a feast of chicken, beef, pork, and potato. A hangi is a Māori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven.

Captain Wales was disappointed he wouldn’t get to drive the light armoured vehicle on the base to the gym, where he took part in haka training. The haka is a New Zealand trademark war dance, and Harry giggled nervously when he was told he was also taking part.

Those observing thought he did a pretty good job after just 15 minutes practice.

The afternoon saw the 30-year-old chat with soldiers, and then nurses on the base, and passed on The Princess Royal’s (his aunt’s) best wishes to the Royal NZ Nursing Corps, who is their Colonel-in-Chief. The corps are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.

Harry then had a game of touch (tag) rugby with Linton Camp schoolchildren on the field.

At the end of the day, Harry manned the helicopter to take himself to Ohakea air base, where he landed earlier in the day. Tomorrow the Prince is in Whanganui.

Photos: Government House New Zealand.

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