Day Three in New Zealand: Harry admits he ‘would love to have kids’

Today was Prince Harry’s third day in New Zealand, and he began his day with a trip to a primary school, before giving an interview which revealed he would love to have children.

Harry stayed on Stewart Island last night, and took part in a pub quiz, showing the preferred domain of the Prince – a laid back atmosphere, without the Royal treatment. It seems Harry’s team, called the Giner Ninjas, lost to a team of his security!

The morning saw Harry pay a visit to Halfmoon Bay School, the only one on the island, with just 27 children on the register.

Harry observes the German skype lesson

Harry observes the German skype lesson

He took part in a virtual lesson with students, learning German; the school uses Skype to connect with other schools in remote places across the country, and he apologised that he didn’t know any German. Harry was also treated to a musical performance and did a Q&A session, where he revealed spaghetti bolognese is his favourite meal and he calls The Queen ‘Granny’.

He further explained to the children that he didn’t live in a castle or have a crown, but that ‘The Queen has a castle, which is pretty cool.’

Harry was very at ease with the schoolchildren

Harry was very at ease with the schoolchildren

The Prince then travelled to Christchurch, which was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2011; he travelled in travel in Tram 152, which The Queen did in 1995.

Following a short ‘walkabout’, Harry visited Quake City and met with the Student Volunteer Army, who helped clean up the city following the earthquake. The army captain also took a tour of the Re:Start mall shopping centre.

Unusually, Prince Harry gave an interview to Sky News during his trip. In the 8-minute interview he spoke about his tour and secondment in Australia, but also revealed that his nephew and niece make him want to have children. He would love someone to ‘share the pressure’.

Photos: Emily Nash/@emynash

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