Prince Harry continues Diana’s work with visit to HIV hospital in Mildmay

Prince Harry is continuing his work with HIV/AIDs sufferers, visiting Mildmay Hospital, a specialist HIV centre.

The red-haired Prince was there to mark the opening of the new £6 million Mildmay Hospital, and the charity’s 150th anniversary.

Harry visited HIV specialist hospital Mildmay. I-images

Harry visited HIV specialist hospital Mildmay. I-images

In what some call continuing his mother’s legacy, Harry met staff and patients from Mildmay Hospital, the first dedicated hospital for people with AIDS. Mildmay admitted its first patients in September.

Upon his arrival, Harry was greeted by well-wishers who waved Mildmay flags, and youngsters from the nearby Virginia Primary School who had drawn Harry a special welcome banner.

At the start of the visit Harry signed the guest book in the Diana, Princess of Wales boardroom. He was moved when he saw a handmade Christmas card and a framed photograph of his mother on one of her visits in the hospital.

Diana, was famously the first member of the Royal Family to have contact with AIDS victims.

The Prince, 31, held patients’ hands and heard stories about his mother’s public and private visits. Kerry Reeves-Kneip, the Director said that Diana made 17 visits to the centre in Shoreditch.


“She came at such an important time – around this area local barbers wouldn’t cut staff’s hair. She really did break down the stigma.”

She continued by referring to one of Diana’s visits, when she received a call from school and “one of you had clambered on to a school roof.” Harry joked and replied “It was probably me.”

Prince Harry acknowledged his mothers efforts about changing the public opinion regarding HIV and AIDs. At the end of the visit the Royal had the honour of cutting the cake, made to mark the former Army Captain’s visit. He was quite surprised: “I don’t cut cakes much. We normally plant trees. This is something new.”

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