Prince Harry suing the Sun and the Mirror paper groups for phone hacking

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that The Duke and Sussex has filed claims against The Sun and The Mirror newspapers, over allegations of phone hacking.

Prince Harry’s legal team at Clintons LLP filed documents at the High Court on Friday, alleging both news groups misused his private information for stories. It is presumed that the suit relates back to historic hacking offences, from the mid-2000s.

Just a few days ago we found out that Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex is suing the Mail on Sunday group for various breaches of the law, when they published a letter she sent to her father last year. More on the implications of this here.

Prince Harry is suing the Sun and Mirror groups, as his wife sues the Daily Mail group. They are taking on the tabloids for the unfair press they get. (PA)

The Sun has always claimed innocence with regards to the News of the World scandal and the Mirror titles.

Former Royal Editor, Clive Goodman, was sentenced to four months for his part in the scandal, while the in-house private detective Glenn Mulcaire got six years.

The pair were convicted in 2007 for hacking the phone of members of the royal household. At the time, the young Royals were kept out of this issue, by pursuing the papers for hacking aides’ phones.

The case means that Prince Harry had to have found out about his hacking within the last six years, due to the Statute of Limitations on this type of crime, or he would have no legal standing to pursue the case.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry all had their phones hacked and messages intercepted in the 2000s. Picture by Ben Stevens / i-Images

Most cases have been settled by the group out of court, which might be what Prince Harry seeks. Not for the money, but the negotiate a deal on any future coverage of himself and his wife, Meghan, with regards to their private lives.

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