Prince Harry attends opening of the Cricket World Cup

The 2019 Cricket World Cup officially began on Thursday, and a special guest was present at The Oval to help kick off the tournament: Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex.

prince harry arrives at the oval to launch the cricket world cup (royal family)

On Wednesday, Prince Harry joined his grandmother, The Queen, at Buckingham Palace to meet representatives of the teams taking part in the tournament.

In a continuation of that engagement, he was part of the crowd which watched the English and South African cricket teams take on one another in the first game of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. England, the favourite to win the whole tournament, came away the winners.

Ahead of the match, Harry was taken to meet flag bearers who had been chosen to take part in the opening ceremony before the game began. He then met with a group of schoolchildren, all of them having been chosen as Anthem Children for the opening ceremony. The Duke was seeing animatedly joking with them before he made his way onto the field to give a short speech.

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During his speech, Harry, who stood in the middle of the field beside the trophy the winners will receive in six weeks, told the fans and gathered dignitaries at The Oval that he was delighted that the UK was hosting the tournament. The very first Cricket World Cup, which was back in 1975, was hosted by the UK.

the duke of sussex was excited to open the cricket world cup at the oval (royal family)

He also spoke about the cultural diversity of the UK by saying; “I’m delighted that the UK will once again play host to this wonderful global sporting event featuring ten incredible teams who, thanks to the UK’s cultural diversity, will feel as though they are competing in front of a home crowd every time they take to the field”.

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The 2019 Cricket World Cup will take place in cities across England and Wales over the next six weeks.

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