Prince Harry serves kids lunch and plays hockey at half-term sports centre

Prince Harry served up a treat (well, lunch!) to children at Roundwood Youth Centre in Brent, London; the children were taking part in a half-term break at the Fit and Fed half-term programme.

Fit and Fed provides youngsters with free activities and a healthy meal each day of the school break. Last summer, Harry visited the Newham branch of the organisation, and returned today to get involved in the activities.

prince harry took part in half-term activities with fit and fed today (kensington palace)

The organisation was launched last year, as a response to the issues of school holiday hunger, unhealthy eating, isolation, and inactivity that many children across the UK experience during the total of 13 weeks holiday from school. In its first year, Fit and Fed has distributed 84,682 meals and snacks to children across the UK.


The day started when Prince Harry met young volunteers from Sport at the Heart, a community based sport and health charity which is part of the Fit and Fed campaign. The younger son of Prince Charles seemed to enjoy taking part in the exercise activities even more than the children, and showed off his hockey skills, skilfully guiding a ball through multiple cones.

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The training is run by StreetGames’ Training Academy, which aims to support young people to become coaches who can then inspire their local communities to get involved in sport and exercise.

Harry also met with volunteers in the kitchen, and then helped to serve a nutritious lunch to the children. While serving the food, the young Royal spoke to some of the young people, to learn about their thoughts on the programme.

This visit comes a few days after he visited Edinburgh with fiancee, Meghan, where they met a naughty Shetland pony, and the day after Prince Harry supported his father in trying to help protect coral reefs.

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In Britain it is estimated that around 73% of the poorest families cannot always afford to feed their children during school breaks, affecting approximately 3 million children nationally and 700,000 in London.

Fit and Fed aims to tackle this problem, and aimed to serve at least 250,000 healthy lunches during the 2017 summer holidays. Former Wales football legend Nathan Blake said of the group, “I think StreetGames does great work – fantastic work in fact – and without organisations such as them, the scale of this problem would be far greater.”

After handing out lunches, the Prince got involved in more activities on the outdoor tennis court, and was seen helping to teach the children a few basic ‘dance’ moves.

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