Prince Henrik’s condition worsens in hospital – Frederik leaves Winter Olympics early

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has left the Winter Olympics in South Korea early in order to see his father, Prince Henrik, whose condition has ‘seriously worsened’ in hospital.

“His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has thus discontinued his stay in South Korea, where he was in conjunction with the Winter Olympics. The Crown Prince is now on his way to Denmark.”

Prince Henrik’s condition in hospital has worsened (bigstock)

Prince Henrik, the 83-year-old husband and Prince Consort of Queen Margrethe, was admitted to Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet  on 28th January with a lung infection, after spending time in Egypt.

Initially doctors ran tests and found a benign tumour on Henrik’s lung and were treating him for an infection, but there has been no improvement.

His eldest son, Frederik, was in Korea as a member of the International Olympic Committee, alongside Royals like Princess Anne and Prince Albert of Monaco.

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In September, the palace announced that the 83-year-old prince was suffering from dementia, and the year before, the Prince Consort retired from public duties.

In the past he has also made comments about his wife, and her ‘disrespectful’ decision to not name him King Consort – which would have seen him outrank Margrethe.

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