Romanian protest letter to government calls for return of Monarchy

On Sunday, the National Alliance for the Restoration of Monarchy in Romania (Alianţa Naţională pentru Restaurarea Monarhiei) revealed they have sent a letter to the President calling for the return of Romanian Monarchy.

King Michael of Romania.

King Michael of Romania. Emanuela Stoca

473 signatures were on the letter, which calls for Parliament to turn into a Constituent Assembly, to allow for the adoption of a Monarchical Constitution. The letter was also sent to the presidents of the two chambers of the Romanian Parliament.

The Romanian Monarchy was abolished in 1947, with King Michael of Romania forced to abdicate. Michael continues the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen dynasty; he is a descendent of Queen Victoria, and a third cousin of The Queen. The 93-year-old King, who says he will return to the throne if his people call for it, splits his time between Switzerland and Bucharest, having only been allowed back to his homeland in 1997.

This pro-Monarchy movement has been slowly picking up pace, particularly since the Prime Minister pledged to hold a referendum on Romania’s form of government, should he be elected President, in October 2014.

The letter speaks of ‘a deep moral crisis, caused by the violent imposition of Republic and Communism’ and

Referencing a speech Michael made in Parliament for his 90th birthday in 2011, the letter speaks of ‘respect and promotion of the real moral values, supporting the weakest of us, reinforcing institutions on other principles than clientelism and narrow politics, respect for law, government accountability, the recovery of national dignity’.

The letter continues:

“On the occasion of His Majesty’s speech, we directly experienced the evidence of what constitutes wise balance, a vision situated above the common political level, and institutional continuity. The Monarch means continuity and competence. He represents us as a nation.

“The participants in the proceedings of the Third Congress of the National Alliance for the Restoration of the Monarchy (ANRM), representatives of the branches from the entire Romanian territory urgently ask you to transform the Parliament into a Constituent Assembly that will adopt a Monarchic Constitution and restore the Monarchy. This constitutes a top national priority for Romania, a country that was condemned, for nearly 70 years, to material and spiritual destruction of the values that the Good Lord has bestowed upon it.

“After 68 years since His Majesty King Michael was by blackmailed to abdicate, forced to do this in order to save the lives of dozens of young anti-Communists threatened by death, after 68 years from the unlawful act that plunged Romania into the hell of Communist totalitarianism, after 68 years since the soul of the country was mutilated, we ask the President of Romania to determine the political class and the country’s institutions to offer Romania the gift that it deserves: the dignified image, the guarantee of balance and continuity, the identity treasure that equals a Constitutional Monarchy. The new Constitution should allow the Monarchy to serve Romania as it truly should and as we all deserve.

“So help us God!”

The Crown Chronicles will keep you updated with any developments.

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Judith Robinson Thu 29 October, 2015 - 8:40 pm

He has look of King Henry III ☺


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