State Opening of Parliament postponed? Spanish State Visit to go ahead

Following Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election earlier today, it is very likely that the State Opening of Parliament will be postponed, but the Spanish State visit is confirmed to go ahead.

Will the State Opening of Parliament be postponed following the General Election announcement? (MOD/Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC)

The official opening of Parliament usually takes place in May, when The Queen gives her speech, setting out the government’s plans for the next year. The Prime Minister has pegged 8th June for the election, meaning a Parliament would begin to sit only for a few weeks, and so we expect the current sitting to be dissolved in a fortnight.

Allowing the next government to settle in, it appears the State Opening of Parliament will now take place later in June.

The date of the election – if passed by a majority in Parliament – would have also coincided with King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain’s visit to the UK from 6-8th June, but this has been moved to 12th-14th June instead. The Palace has confirmed it will still take place, though feelings about this are mixed, due to the Conservative government’s austerity programme they will continue, and campaign for, until June.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia will still visit the UK., despite the General Election in June. Picture by Face to Face / i-Images

The Royal Spaniards were due to undertake their State Visit last Easter at Windsor, but political turmoil in Spain saw the event postponed, and so The Queen only hosted the Colombian President in November.

In addition to this, speculation came last month about President Trump’s State Visit. Mrs May invited him to the UK in January, and it seems likely his trip will happen in October, likely amidst large protests. Some news outlets have suggested that Trump has asked for the ‘full shebang’ in terms of State Visit, using State Carriages for transport; Obama chose his State limousine, and this is the safer option, as the limousines are better protected than the golden carriages traditionally used.

Updates as they come.

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