Tower of London welcomes new raven – ‘Rex’

A new addition to the flock at the palace

The famous ravens of the Tower of London has expanded its number, as a new raven has arrived to guard the iconic London landmark.

The new arrival, named Rex, was born at the end of March, as part of the Tower’s raven breeding programme.

A new raven has arrived at the Tower of London. (HRP)

The bird’s name was chosen for it’s latin meaning of King or ruler – fitting for the year of The King’s Coronation. ‘Rex’ also reflects the new cypher of The King that is now seen on the uniforms of Yeoman Warders and above the entrance to the Jewel House, which now features more exhibits and stories about the Crown Jewels than ever before in a new exhibition.

Rex is joining Jubilee, Harris, Poppy, Georgie, Branwen and Edgar at the Tower of London, where they are cared for by the Ravenmaster YW Chris Skaife.

The ravens are fed a variety of raw meat each day, plus an egg once a week, and blood-soaked biscuits as a special treat. They spend their days playing games, mimicking sounds, ‘cawwing’ from the rooftops, plus more activities that see them getting into mischief – including snacking on tourists’ lunch!

Rex was named due to the name’s links to The King. (HRP)

The Tower of London’s raven breeding programme started in 2019 with the aim of securing the future of the ravens at the Tower. Rex is the half-brother of a couple of the Tower’s existing residents (Edgar and Branwen) and will see his first few weeks in the enclosure adjusting to the sights and sounds of his new home, before being slowly introduced to his brother and sister.

It was during Charles II’s reign that ravens began to be kept at the Tower of London, thought to be because of a prophecy: if the ravens left the tower then the Kingdom would fall.

Yeoman Warder Chris Skaife, Ravenmaster of the Tower of London, said: ‘We’re delighted to be welcoming another new chick to join the raven community here at the Tower in this historic Coronation year. Visitors can expect to see Rex out and about around the Tower of London this summer.’

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