TCC Talks… to a Beefeater! Yeoman Warder Dave Phillips discusses life in uniform

The second instalment of TCC Talks… delves into the life and work of a Yeoman Warder (aka a Beefeater). Dave Phillips has lived at the Tower of London for more than 14 years, after serving nearly three decades in the Army.

We covered a range of topics, from the origin of the name ‘Beefeater’, to the iconic uniforms (there is more than one…!), and even inexplicable events of a spooky nature… ?

Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of The Tower of London is the home of the Crown Jewels and 37 Yeoman Warders, also called Beefeaters (HRP)

This was such a great interview with a really knowledgeable and enthusiastic participant – we hope you enjoy it! And if you can’t get enough of, Dave find him on Twitter @BeefeaterDave, for more posts and photos from behind the scenes of Tower life.

You can view the video here and stream the podcast here, or search for ‘TCC Talks’ on iTunes and Spotify!

A quick look at those Beefeater uniforms ranging from most ‘casual’, to most formal:

Beefeater Dave Phillips in his Blue Undress uniform – the ‘everyday’ wear of the Yeoman Warders

@BeefeaterDave wears a hard Tudor bonnet and tunic for the

The ‘Reds’ uniform for a Yeoman Warder, sees a combination of undress trousers with the red and gold tunic

Dave Phillips – Yeoman Warder (or Beefeater) – in full state dress, with a ruff, white gloves and breeches


In case you missed it, our first TCC Talks… episode – with Dr Sara Read about her debut historical fiction novel – is here. The book follows a fictional midwife in 1665 (the year of the Great Plague), but her patients and cases are based on real-life historical documents from the era!

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