Prince Charles announces charity shake-up, including a new Royal Foundation

Clarence House announced yesterday that Prince Charles’ charity work will be undergoing some changes, to make sure that the Prince spends more time with each of his organisations.

The shake-up is a result of a review of the Prince’s charities, which was carried out ahead of Charles’ 70th birthday this November. The review, led by Marc Bolland (former CEO of Marks and Spencer), was conducted to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the future King’s charities. The reorganisation project aimed to ensure that the time the Prince spends personally with each charity could be used to greater effect.

Prince Charles will be able to manage his charitable work more effectively due to these changes. Picture by ROTA / i-Images

There will now be an expanded Prince’s Trust Group, bringing together the work carried out by the Prince’s Trust and a new network comprising of activities which were previously conducted by the Prince’s Charities Canada, Australia and New Zealand and The Prince’s Trust International; this enlarged group will continue with the Prince’s Trust activities which help disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and will now also support indigenous groups and environmental projects.


The Prince also has a new Royal Foundation, which will be made up of The Dumfries House Trust, The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, The Prince’s School for Traditional Arts and The Prince’s Regeneration Trust. The Foundation will work mostly in the UK on projects which promote the built environment, heritage, culture and education.

With regard to his other charities, the heir to the throne will become ‘royal founding patron’ of these organisations; this new role will formalise the amount of time The Prince of Wales spends with each of these charities. This will allow the charities – which include The British Asian Trust, Business in the Community, Turquoise Mountain, The Prince’s Teaching Institute, In Kind Direct, PRIME Cymru, The Cambridge Institute For Sustainability Leadership and The Royal Drawing School – to make better use of the time that they have with their royal supporter, resulting in better interaction between the parties.

Speaking about the changes, Prince Charles said: “As I look at the results of this reorganisation, I have a strong sense of optimism and anticipation for what more may be achieved.


“These changes do not mean I am stepping back from my charitable work or downsizing in any way – it is simply an opportunity to work more efficiently and, I hope, to even greater effect.  I look forward to many more years of building on the important work that has been achieved to date.”

This move comes ahead of Prince Charles’ big 7-0 birthday, a time when many have stopped working; however, like his mother The Queen, it is clear that the heir to the throne is very much dedicated to his work, focussing on improving people’s lives, be it the environment or through business grants.

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Bob Sat 10 March, 2018 - 9:56 pm

Less is more when it comes to Charles and Camilla who are well past retirement age. Now is the time!

Victoria Howard Sat 10 March, 2018 - 10:40 pm

Would you say the same of The Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra I wonder….?


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